Marjie Andrejciw MT (ASCP), MS, NC

Holistic Nutritional Counselor

Phone: 810.869.8898

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About Marjie

Marjie works with people suffering from chronic illness. She does this by first collecting a comprehensive health history using tools such as a health history questionnaire, diet records, laboratory testing, and a list of medications and supplements recommendations to investigate the root cause of illness. From this comprehensive health history, she develops an individualized protocol based on specific biochemical needs. The protocol includes diet, lifestyle, and supportive supplement recommendations.

Chronic illness does not happen overnight but rather through a buildup which recovering from occurs in stages. These layers are much like an onion (or according to donkey “parfait”) and require time to heal. On occasion when healing one layer something from underneath will “bubble” up, and symptoms may become worse before they improve. Marjie strives to gently work with each client to help prevent this as much as possible. Sometimes healing occurs relatively quickly other times it takes longer. Everyone is unique. Chronic illness is tightly woven to long-term toxic exposure whether from exposure to environmental exposure, a poor diet, chronic infection, unbalanced metabolic pathways, or emotional trauma. Genetic mutations (called SNPs) can have an influencing effect on how well the body detoxifies and processes toxins. Being trained in Methylation and Clinical Nutrigenomics Marjie can make recommendations to accommodate these mutations.

Marjie considers the approach to healing a journey requiring the participation of both the practitioner and the client. Much like being on a journey of exploration. While she listens to the concerns of the client, making recommendations, it is that of the client who must personally implement the protocol and give feedback to progress in recovery, placing the much of the responsibility of healing into the client’s hands. Marjie utilizes laboratory testing to uncover nutritional imbalances and progress on a cellular level, which is a very powerful tool. She makes recommendations based on the client’s individual needs and does not provide a one-size fits all approach.

Diet is the cornerstone of recovery as everyone has individualized nutritional needs. Eating a diet tailored to your own body promotes a balanced, healthy body. When given the proper dietary building blocks, the body has the innate ability to heal. A balanced diet leads to a healthy body, mind, and optimal health!


Marjie has her Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition from Hawthorn University. She is certified as a Holistic Nutritional Counselor (also known as a Nutrition Consultant) and has been in practice for over 7 1/2 years. With over ten years of experience as a Medical Technologist in a clinical laboratory setting, she is well versed in interpreting and understanding the significance of laboratory testing. Through Seeking Health Educational Institute she is certified in two levels of Methylation & Clinical Nutrigenomics. Marjie is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Air Force.

Having suffered from an autoimmune disease and genetic methylation imbalances herself, Marjie truly understands how challenging regaining your health can be. Not only is she able to be sympathetic she is also realistic because of personally walking the pathway towards regaining her health.

Through her My Med Lab portal, Marjie is able to order a wide variety of laboratory testing. Click here to view available tests through My Med Lab.

For those only looking to have a specialty laboratory review, Marjie has open review sessions on Fridays. To schedule a 30-minute review or order a specialty laboratory test visit My Med Lab.