"The flier said, 'Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?' My answer was an emphatic, YES!  I was 45 and my weight was way up, my cholesterol was high, and I was starting to notice early signs of arthritis pain. Since March of '09 my ways of thinking, eating, and shopping have changed dramatically. I took Marjie's 'Spring Cleaning - Body Detox' class (she is a great instructor.) I finally stopped drinking pop. Most of my diet now is organic (as are most of the personal care products that I buy). This all changed not because Marjie told me I had to, but because she taught me why I wanted to. And you should know that it didn't happen overnight. I made the changes as I was ready and now, a year later, I feel so much better. I'm not tired all of the time. I rarely get sick. My cholesterol levels are good. My weight is down (from size 16 to size 10). Even the arthritis pain is significantly less than before. Marjie led me to a whole new way of looking at life! Take the class -- you won't be sorry!"


"Our family is so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with Marjie, our son Dean is now 5 yrs old, started seeing Marjie in September 2007. I had researched all the proven therapies for children with autism and involved our son in speech, occupational therapy, and play projects; I wanted to explore the biomedical approach. The idea was so overwhelming; I had no idea where to start. Marjie helped us step by step through the process first by completing a few easy lab tests, when the lab results came back she went through each one thoroughly explaining what everything meant, she helped us make decisions as to what necessary steps needed to take place next. She helped us so much, she helped me find the foods needed to help with the GF/CF diet transition, gave me recipes, ordered the supplements designed special for our son based on the lab test results of what our son’s body was deficient of. All of these things have helped our son, he now has 100% eye contact, stays focused for longer periods of time, speech has improved, and his teachers noticed the improvements as well as family and friends. Just this past week he is using the potty with no accidents during the day - a HUGE accomplishment! We are so pleased with the positive changes we have seen in our son, we will continue to work with Marjie for years to come. Dean is not “cured”, his quality of life and ours has greatly improved. I would recommend Marjie to everyone with an autistic child who may be interested in the biomedical approach."

Lori Smith - Mom of Dean who is diagnosed with autism, 2008

"After coming to terms with my son being diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a form of Autism), I felt I needed to do more to help him. Knowing little about the GF/CF diet I was afraid to try it on my own and then I discovered the clinical trial involving the GF/CF diet and decided to participate. Before starting the GF/CF diet my son was very lethargic and always seemed to be in a "fog" doing what he was asked and being very complacent. Since starting the diet in Dec. 2007 he has more energy and doesn't just "go with the flow", he will voice his opinion on the matter and tell adults what he wants. He also is more willing to play instead of wanting to sit in front of the TV. I am very happy that we have taken this road and look forward to more progress as time goes on. One piece of advice, don't look at the diet as a whole for it can be overwhelming, take one step at a time and take note of the changes that occur!"

Penney - Mom of son with Autism, June 2008

"After having gall bladder surgery, I was struggling with IBS symptoms. I couldn't imagine how I could go back to work without running to the bathroom all day! A friend refered me to Marjie, and now I wish I had known her before the surgery. We met the first time for two hours and she got to know me and helped me set goals for better health. Not only did she offer testing services and supplements, but she educated me on better eating habits AS I WAS READY. The IBS symptoms went away immediately, and my health has improved tremendously. As a bonus, I'm losing weight and feel better than I have in years!  Now I see Marjie when I need a refresher to stay on track - she's a great motivator!


I have been to a general physician, allergy/asthma specialist, ear-nose & throat specialist and homeopathic physician - not one tried to get to the "real cause" of my health problems.  I met with Marjie and she suggested I have an IGg Food Allergy test.  We completed the test and found out that I am highly allergic to milk and eggs!  My scratch test done by allergist did not reveal milk and eggs at all.   Since giving up these foods plus others that I tested positive to for food allergies, I feel 100% better.  I went from daily asthma attacks to NONE (after 6 mo. dairy free) and I have been able to stop taking my Rx medications.  I take vitamin supplements now too and can't believe how great I feel."

Sheri - farmer with some dairy goats and chickens for sale!

"Nutrition is the cornerstone.  Higher-level treatments might not be as successful if the diet isn't sound." 

- Jane Johnson
Director, Defeat Autism Now!